Centro Morpurgo

Your quiet and safe holiday in Trieste

Morpurgo Summer Centre, owned by Trieste’s Jewish community, is located on the quiet Karst Plateau, in the Opicina area, just a few kilometres form Trieste and the beaches of the Gulf.

The facility, surrounded by nature, offers wide open spaces including a football pitch, a court that can be used to play basketball, tennis and volleyball and a playground for children.

Morpurgo Centre is used mainly in spring and summer to welcome children and teenagers from the various Jewish communities across Italy; but it is also suitable for adults and can accommodate up to 47 people. As it has independent heating, it is available throughout the year.

Kashrut is guaranteed by the competent Rabbinic Authorities.

Please contact us if you are interested in staying at the Centre or would like information about the Jewish itineraries in Trieste.

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