Discovering Tuscany and Val D’Orcia

the cradle of the Renaissance

Discovering Tuscany and Val D’Orcia

The cradle of the Renaissance

A trip that will allow you to discover the best and most unusual side of Tuscany.

Pecorino di PienzaPienzaBagno VignoniSan GimignanoFirenzeFirenzeFirenzeFirenzeFirenzeFirenze
Pecorino di Pienza
Monte Oliveto
Bagno Vignoni
San Gimignano
zona del Chianti

The Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, in the province of Siena, a real treat for art and history enthusiasts, features many frescos; its monastery is part of the Benedictine Congregation of Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto.

The visit to the ancient village of Bagno Vignoni will also be a treat. The central piazza features a large medieval tank, with a spring steaming water, which creates a fairytale-like atmosphere that has amazed visitors for centuries.

The trip continues in Pienza, a small village in the renowned Val D’Orcia, which enjoys a strategic position at the top of a hill overlooking the valley and offering breathtaking views. This enchanting village is known as the “ideal” city of the Renaissance, created by a great humanist, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who became Pope Pius II.

The trip includes visits to San Gimignano, a Unesco World Heritage Site and to Florence that with its museums, old buildings and churches, hosts some of the most important artistic treasures in the world.

Finally, a visit to the Chianti region to taste some of its world-famous wine.

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