First World War for schools

The battle fields in Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Redipuglia to Gorizia

1 day

First World War

The battle fields in Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Redipuglia to Gorizia

1 day

The itinerary starts at the Memorial of Redipuglia, where an expert of the Great War will provide historical context; the visit continues at the Museum and then returns back to the Memorial.

The Memorial of Redipuglia, built in 1938, is the largest military memorial in Italy; it accommodates the remains of 100,000 soldiers who fell in battle during the First World War and is also the resting place of the Duke of Aosta, Commander of the Third Army.

From Redipuglia, the tour moves to Mount San Michele, a strategic post for the Austro-Hungarian defence. If the weather allows it, the tour can include a visit to some of the trenches on the Karst Plateau and the memorial stones of fallen soldiers and a documentary (The three soldiers).

After visiting the museum, we will reach San Martino del Carso, mentioned by poet Giuseppe Ungaretti in one of his poems, where the Italians repeatedly engaged with Austrian troops.

“Of these houses nothing remains but the rubble of a ruined wall
of the many who were so close to me nothing remains not even that
but in my heart
not one cross is missing
this ravaged village
is my heart”

 In this area, the Austrian army used gas against Italian soldiers and to remember the event, a statue of the “Madonna delle Lacrime (Our Lady of Tears)” has been placed in an aedicule at the village crossroads.

Lunch at a restaurant.

In the afternoon, the tour continues in Gorizia, to visit the Castle and the Great War Museum, where a modern exhibition effectively and comprehensively represents the events of the conflict and its human and social repercussions.

Before heading back, you will have some time to spend in Gorizia.

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First World War for Schools

The battle fields in Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Redipuglia to Gorizia (1 day)

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