Friuli Venezia Giulia and the sites of the Great War

From Udine to Trieste to discover the history and places of the First World War
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Friuli Venezia Giulia and the sites of the Great War

From Udine to Trieste to discover the history and places of the First World War, in a region in which often citizens of a same city fought on opposite fronts.

Trieste, two fronts in one city, was both Italian and Austrian; Udine saw both Italian and Austro-German troops march along its streets; the Redipuglia Memorial is the resting place of many Italian soldiers with Slovenian surnames. These are some of the reasons why in this border region you can understand and learn about the Great War.

3 days/2 nights

Redipuglia, il SacrarioUdine, Piazza LibertàUdine, Piazza San GiacomoAquileiaTrieste Piazza Unità d'ItaliaTrieste, Chiesa di Sant'Antonio NuovoGrado Archivio_PromoTurismoFVGGrado, isola di Barbana
Redipuglia, il Sacrario
Udine, Piazza Libertà
Udine, Piazza San Giacomo
Aquileia, la basilica
Trieste Piazza Unità d’Italia
Trieste, Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Nuovo
Grado, isola di Barbana

The programme

You will arrive in Udine late in the morning. During the First World War, Udine was the headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Italian Army and at the time was known as the “Capital of War”. It kept this name until 24 October 1917, as things changed following the defeat in the Battle of Caporetto. The tour will take you to discover the most significant places of the Great War, such as Piazza Primo Maggio, in the heart of the city. During the First World War, this was where the great military parades – initially of Italian troops, after the defeat in Caporetto, of the Austro-German troops – took place. Lunch at leisure. At 3 PM h, transfer by private bus to Aquileia, one of the most important archaeological sites in Northern Italy. You will visit the beautiful basilica with its mosaic floor and the archaeological site. On the way back, you will stop at a renowned winery where you will have the chance to taste some of its great wines. Back from the winery to the hotel in Grado, where you will check in, have dinner and spend the night.
After having breakfast at the hotel, the bus will take you to the Redipuglia Memorial, the largest military memorial in Italy, built in honour of the soldiers who fell in battle during the First World War. Erected at the feet of Mount Sei Busi, designed by architect Giovanni Greppi and sculptor Giannino Castiglioni, it was inaugurated on 18 September 1938, after 10 years of works. The monument, also known as the Memorial of “the Hundred Thousands”, accommodates the remains of 100.187 soldiers who fell in battle in the surrounding areas, some of which had initially been buried nearby, on Sant’Elia Hill. After the visit to the Memorial, by bus you will reach Dolina dei Bersaglieri, a valley on the Karst Plateau between the altitude of 89 (where the Redipuglia Memorial is) and 118 (where Mount Sei Busi is). Thanks to the “Sentieri di Pace (Walks of Peace)” reconstruction project, today visitors can walk along the evocative paths used by the soldiers during the war. After the visit led by a history expert, you will have lunch (starter, two first courses, second course, fruit and drinks) at an agritourism. In the afternoon, you will meet your guide in Trieste, the most international city of the region, with its glorious past, when it was known as the “Little Vienna by the sea”; today it is a truly cosmopolitan city. Trieste is a city of cultural encounters: for centuries it has hosted the Greek Orthodox and the Serbian Orthodox churches, the Synagogue, the Evangelical-Lutheran and the Helvetic church, the oldest in the city. The afternoon is dedicated to shopping in the historic centre followed by an aperitif in the city centre. Dinner will be enjoyed at a restaurant that offers a meat menu. Back to the hotel in Grado for the night.
After breakfast, you will have time to visit the town of Grado and, if you like, take the boat to Barbana island, which has an old Marian sanctuary. Departure.
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