Jewish Italy

Itineraries that offer an unusual perspective on Italy's historical and artistic heritage
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Jewish Italy

Itineraries that offer an unusual perspective on Italy’s historical and artistic heritage

The “Bel Paese” has always played an important role in Jewish history. From North to South, every Italian city has a story to tell about communities that have flourished, changed or disappeared over time.

Key Tre Viaggi organises Jewish itineraries across Italy, offering an unusual perspective on the country’s main cities: not only will you be able to appreciate the historical and artistic attractions of the cities you visit, you will also discover their rich Jewish heritage.

For instance, in Ostia, near Rome, you can see the ruins of the oldest Synagogue in the West. Today, many beautiful synagogues are still active all across Italy – in Venice, Florence, Naples and Casale Monferrato.

You will learn about Jewish-Italian dialects, follow the footsteps of Joyce and Freud along literary trails through Trieste, or marvel at the Hebrew manuscripts in the Uffizi Gallery or the Vatican Museums!

If you visit a medieval ritual bath-house in Apulia or Sicily, explore a library in Florence, or look in a family archive in Livorno, expect to discover historical treasures and find evidence of a thriving community.

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