Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia for schools

An open-air history book itinerariesexperiences

Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia for schools

An open-air history book

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Trieste Molo Audace ph. MirodataTrieste Castello di MiramareUdine, Piazza LibertàTrieste, Kleine Berlin, ph. Lucio MircovichScuola Mosaicisti di Spilimbergo Archivio PromoTurismoFVG
Trieste Molo Audace
Trieste Castello di Miramare
Udine, Piazza Libertà
Trieste, Kleine Berlin
Scuola Mosaicisti di Spilimbergo
Tempietto longobardo, Cividale del Friuli

Why choose Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia as your school trip destination?

Trieste has a troubled past: it played a main role during both the First and the Second World War. It is Italy’s least Italian city and during a 40-year period – between 1914 and 1954 – it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then of the Kingdom of Italy, ruled by the Nazis, then by Tito’s Yugoslavia and under the Allied Military Government, first with the British then with the Americans. On 26 October 1954, when the Italian flag returned to fly in Trieste it did not feature the Savoy coat of arms: it was the flag of the Italian Republic. Thanks to trade and the development of its Port, different ethnic groups and cultures have always lived together in harmony in Trieste, contributing to the creation of the city’s unique historic, architectural and multicultural heritage.

Archivio_PromoTurismoFVG_Ph_Massimo CrivellariTrieste, il Teatro RomanoCividale: Ponte del Diavolo Archivio PromoTurismoFVGUdine piazza LibertàMonte San Michele, SchoenburgtunnelKleine Berlin, ph. Lucio Mircovich
Aquileia, colonnato di levante del foro romano
Trieste, il Teatro Romano
Cividale: Ponte del Diavolo
Palmanova, la città fortezza
Udine piazza Libertà
Monte San Michele, Schoenburgtunnel
Trieste, Kleine Berlin

Trieste, European City of Science 2020, is an open-air history book.

Your students will experience different sides of our territory: the history of Aquileia during Roman times and the Venetian domination in Udine and Palmanova; visit the Longobard town of Cividale; discover science and nature at WWF’s first Marine Reserve; admire the skeleton of the largest complete dinosaur ever discovered in Italy!


Thanks to our experience and the feedback provided by teachers and schools, we suggest some possible itineraries for your students’ school trips. All itineraries can be adapted to the specific needs of your group of students.


Additionally, you can personalise any itinerary thanks to our exclusive offers!

Activities and nature in Trieste’s Karst Plateau for Schools

The trail is a great way to experience and find out more about the Karst Plateau, where artisan activities thrive in the shade of its houses and trees (1/2 day)

First World War for Schools

The battle fields in Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Redipuglia to Gorizia (1 day)

Second World War for Schools

Trieste, visiting the sites of the Second World War (1 day)

Trieste and literature for Schools

An opportunity to experience the atmosphere that inspired some of the greatest Italian and European writers (5/6 hours)

Trieste: in the footsteps of dinosaurs, marine reserves and interactive museums

“It is forbidden not to touch” – History, nature and science (1 day)