Trieste and Grotta Gigante (Giant Cave)

Wine tasting 100 metres below the surface of the Earth

Trieste and Grotta Gigante

Wine tasting 100 metres below the surface of the Earth

½ day

Grotta Gigante (Giant Cave), on Trieste’s Karst Plateau, is the largest tourist cave in the world, an enchanting place in which nature, scientific research and tourism come together.

From the village of Borgo Grotta Gigante an easy and safe path leads down to the cave. The enormous cavern could host the entire Basilica of Saint Peter. Once inside, you will taste typical Karst wines and local products. A chance to taste wine 100 metres below the surface of the Earth!

The temperature in the cave is 11°C; we recommend dressing appropriately and wearing suitable shoes.
After the visit, lunch at a well-known agritourism that offers traditional local dishes.
After lunch, you will have the chance to visit the workshop of a local sculptor who creates unique works of art from Karstic rock.

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Beautiful Trieste!

Beautiful Trieste!

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