Trieste and the culture of coffee

Un corso per diventare sommelier del caffè presso l’Università del caffè Illy

3 hours

Trieste and the culture of coffee

A course to become a coffee sommelier at illy’s University of Coffee

Duration: 3 hours

Trieste is “the city of coffee“. The connection between the city and this product started in the mid-1800s, when Trieste became one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean.

At the time, the coffee trade developed considerably – today coffee makes up 30% of Italian imports – and contributed to the foundation of specialised industries and commercial companies.

Trieste can be defined as the “Capital of Coffee“, as it is the city with the largest industrial and commercial supply chain: from raw product dealers to brokers, from shippers to roasters, from decaffeination to the national testing laboratory and illy’s University of Coffee in Trieste.

In addition to its world-renowned coffee industry, Trieste is known for its coffee shops, a tradition that started in the second half of the 1700s. At the time, the first Viennese-style coffee shops started opening in the city and soon became the place where intellectuals, writers and artists enjoyed meeting, and they preserve their Mittel-European charm to this day.

The connection with coffee is felt so strongly that the people of Trieste have even created their own special coffee vocabulary, an encrypted code that visitors will find hard to break: “capo in b” (coffee with milk in a glass) or “goccia” (coffee with a drop of milk froth in the middle).

We offer you the chance to become proper coffee experts, thanks to a half-day course that will stimulate both your sense of taste and your sense of smell and offer scientific and natural explanations, starting from the art of preparing a coffee to the pleasure of enjoying it. A course that reveals what is hidden inside a coffee bean: from nature to science, from preparation to tasting, to discover all the secrets that allow you to recognise the perfect coffee.

After this course, you will be a proper coffee expert! Try it!

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Trieste and the culture of coffee

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